Weight loss

The weight loss industry is huge and quiet often it’s so difficult to choose which option suits you. Magazines and the internet are packed full of ideas to lose weight in short periods of time as we live in an instant world of needing and wanting everything right now! The difficulty is we’re running ahead of how our bodies were designed! Our bodies don’t work this way and eventually the signs of illness will kick in to get your attention.

Stop listen and learn!
  1. Stop the fad diet, the low fat, no fat, no carbohydrate, detox, juice only no protein diets they don’t work in the long run, our bodies need all these major nutrients to survive, energise, detoxify and renew.
  2. Listen to your body’s needs, get acquainted with your body,aches,pains,digestive issues and make a conscious decision to address these
  3. Learn how to lose and maintain a healthy weight through lifestyle changes, healthy eating and relaxation.

This is my approach as a Nutritionist and boy do we get results!

You can have private one to one classes or join as part of a group and create the healthy vibrant lean body you’ve always wanted.