“I attended Christine back at the start of May this year.  I was after having many scans and blood tests for an ongoing discomforting pain, bloating, could not digest my food, not sleeping properly, no energy and bowel issues. This was causing major headaches, nausea, reflux, weight gain & sinus.  It was put down to IBS but couldn’t continue life like this. 

My doctor ask me to consider seeing Christine.  After a long worth while appointment I left with a new life changing Food Plan.  Within 2 weeks the difference was unbelievable.  I had energy, no pain and my system started to get back to normal.  Christine was fantastic throughout it all.  I was able to contact her with any issues or if I needed to make sure I was doing things correctly.  Christine also kept in contact with me to see my progress and arrange follow up appointments which were invaluable.

I information and tips I received from Christine made this journey even more interesting and one that is so do able.  I learn about the body and its functions and what changes were required.

This experience is one that I will maintain, its not expensive and it has eliminated taking any medication and painkillers that I would not have survived without.

I know have the ability to enjoy meals out and have my pig out time without any major health issues.

Anyone having any symptom or symptoms please consider seeing Christine.  It has changed me and everyone I meet wants to know what am I doing as I am looking so well."

- Suzanne


“Thanks so much Christine for helping me to lose this weight, I have been yo yo dieting for years and for the first time I feel this is a permanent change eating healthy and exercising, I have lots more energy and am sleeping great. The many benefits of following your programme. Highly recommend Christine for anyone who wants to lose weight the healthy way"

M, Cork


"Hi Christine

Just a quick note to say thanks and I’m doing better. Since following your diet plan for my Arthritis the pain has gone down a good amount, I have more energy and feel motivated to keep up the new healthy eating plan you’ve shown me."



“My doctor recommended contacting Christine for high cholesterol; I started at cholesterol of 7.3 and after 6 weeks working with Christine I was back to 5.2. The information and dietary advice was excellent I learned so so much knowing what foods to add for a healthy heart, as we have a history of heart disease in the family, I now feel more confident about my health into the future knowing that I can take steps to help myself”