Preconception & Pregnancy:

Planning for a baby is such a lovely time. It is usually the secondary part of settling down. Quite often if there are no know problems in conception very little attention is given to preconception care.  Today with 1 in 5 couples finding it difficult to conceive we must start to focus attention on preconception care and stress management.

Taking time to be the healthiest you can prior to conception will have a very positive impact on your baby’s health also. It takes 3 months for both the egg and sperm to mature so at the point of conception your health and wellness in the past 3 months is very important. This includes stress management, your emotional wellbeing, nutrition and exercise. Much research has been carried out on the link with stress and infertility.

A babies gut is sterile while in the womb and the first incubation of gut bacteria is passed into the gut as baby goes through the birth canal, therefore this is a crucial point for mums to ensure optimal health through preconception care and pregnancy.

We offer a 3 month preconception care package focusing on diet, exercise, digestive health and stress management.

I work as part of a multi-disciplinary clinic The Cork Natural Fertility Clinic.