Healthy Children

As parents all we want is for our children to be healthy and happy. Nutrition plays a vital role in this and so making sure our children follow a wholefood diet is of great importance. Children are constantly growing and learning, developing at all ages and their nutritional needs vary from a 6 month old baby starting to eat small amount of solid food to the needs of a five year old starting school to the needs of a 10 year old. They are all at different stages and so tapping into their individual needs is vital to their health outcomes.

Furthermore with the emergence of allergies, eczema, digestive upset, impaired immunity, behavioural problems and learning difficulties what we feed our children has never been of such importance.

My passion lies in educating parents, carers, medical professionals and teachers in this area. Mostly I love to educate the children themselves, they respond so well to knowing what foods to eat for health and what foods to leave out. The key is to have your children involved in food shopping, growing the foods and cooking and eating together as a family.

Conditions I can help improve through diet:

  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Autism, ADD, ADHD

  • Digestive Complaints

  • Eczema

  • Immune support

  • Sleep problems

  • Weaning