Christine regards food as a basis for good health

Having studied a diploma course in Naturopathic Nutrition, Christine graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2010.

She said: ‘I am keen to share my knowledge with the public, offering dietary advice for many common health issues like digestive problems, diabetes, arthritis, fatigue, weight loss and many more. 

‘Foods play a key role in the treatment of many diseases, for example early research is showing a possible link with food allergies, digestive health and rheumatoid arthritis. 

‘Diabetes is another common condition where foods play a key role in balancing blood sugar levels and helping with weight loss. Digestive disorders like low stomach acid, reflux and bloating all benefit from adding in specific foods.’

Christine stated that she has a special interest in children’s health: ‘As parents and carers, we wish the very best of health for our children; it’s our number one goal by a mile! 

‘The best tip I can give parents this winter to keep colds and flus away is to encourage their children to avoid sugar in fizzy drink, sweets, chocolate and the hydrogenated fats in processed foods; think grown on a plant not made in a plant! 

‘In the body, sugar from processed foods and fizzy drinks uses up more nutrients leaving us open to colds and flus. Digestion plays a key role in our immunity too so get your little ones checked if you suspect they have ongoing problems in this area. ‘The key to eating well for you and your family is rotation of whole natural foods,’ she said. ‘Stick to foods as close to their natural state as possible, if there is more than five ingredients, question it and look out for added sugar, additives, colourings, dyes and hydrogenated fats, our bodies weren’t made to digest these! 

‘Good honest foods are the key and buy locally-produced and organic where possible,’ she recommended. 

Add in these foods to help boost your immune system this winter: Garlic – chop and add at the end of cooking (to help your little ones get more garlic, thinly slice and add between slices of apple, magically they won’t even taste it); oily fish, colourful fruit and vegetables, especially carrots and squash, nuts and seeds and wholegrains. 

Christine will be happy to answer any questions people may have – call 087-2246431 through which one may also book an appointment with her at The Weir Family Health Clinic in Bandon (Tuesdays to Thursdays).